In the last week plus I have had to use your taxi services, due to the situation of my car breaking down and I'm in the miidle of looking for another, to get to the point of this e-mail, I have to give you input on Cab #2 Courtney, since the first time she picked me up, she has shown honesty to a scheduling error and impressed me with a dicount for my trouble, which I tryed to pay fully, but I could see she wanted to give me full customer service satisfaction, and with others I know they wouldnt have done that and charged me full price, which I would of paid but since, I have scheduled numerous other trips from work to home, and she has handled me with the best curtious and most satisfaction in customer service, which I appreciate greatly, seems this day and time great cutomer service is hard to find, but with Courtney I know she has it with your taxi service, and I will keep using until I buy another car here in a couple of days and will always refer other to her when they need a taxi service. I have to say job well done to Courtney Cab#2 and I will always look forward to the future when I have to use a taxi service I will always request Courtney with your company.