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Amarillo cab fares were set by the City Council in August 2007.

Amarillo City Code Chapter 16-4: Vehicles For Hire

Maximum metered fare rates. The rate of fare for one (1)or more persons shall be no greater than four dollars and seventy-five cents ($4.75) for the first mile or fraction thereof traveled by such person, and thirty-five cents ($0.35) for each additional one-fifth mile or fraction thereof traveled.

Airport minimum. For any passenger trip to or from the Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport, the fare shall be either a minimum of ten dollars ($10.00) or the metered fare described above, whichever is greater.

Hourly basis. An hourly rate shall be available upon request. Whenever a Taxicab is engaged on an hourly basis, whether for one (1) or more passengers, the fare shall not exceed sixteen dollars ($16.00) for each and every hour, and for each quarter hour in excess of each completed hour, the rate shall be four dollars ($4.00). A minimum charge of one (1) hour may be imposed, and the rates shall not apply unless employment by the hour is arranged for in advance of the trip.

Mileage recording. Taxicab operators are hereby permitted to use taximeters which record mileage when the taxi is in motion and which revert to time recording during periods of traffic interruption or when the taxi is not in motion.

Package deliveries. Rates charged for delivery of packages by Taxicabs shall not exceed the established hourly rate basis listed in this section.

(Ord. No. 6746, Sect. 1, 6-29-2004; Ord. No. 7050, Sect. 1, 8-7-2007)

Taxicab waiting time caused by the passenger shall be charged at the rate of twenty cents ($0.20) per minute. No charge shall be made for waiting at a location for initial passenger pickup or waiting time of less than three (3) minutes.

(Ord. No. 6746, Sect. 1, 6-29-2004)

How much is it gonna cost?

If you know the mileage, multiply that by $1.75 add add $3.00.

  Miles     Fare          Miles     Fare          Miles     Fare          Miles     Fare  
1 4.75 6 13.50 11 22.25 16 31.00
2 6.50 7 14.25 12 24.00 17 32.75
3 8.25 8 17.00 13 25.75 18 34.50
4 10.00 9 18.75 14 27.50 19 36.25
5 11.75 10 20.50 15 29.25 20 38.00

Fares may be higher due to traffic delays or construction detours.

Fare estimator

An interactive fare calculator can be found at TaxiFareFinder.com